What treasures are hidden in your shadow?

What treasures are you hiding in your shadow?

Aries season is coming up and I’m reminded of the qualities of an Aries – fire,leader, first born of the zodiac. For a long time I couldn’t identify with the qualities of an Aries, even though these were the same qualities I would admire and dare I say – envy in others.

Besides the fact that I had been socialised to not find these desirable for me as a woman, I just did not feel worthy of them. Now that I have integrated this shadow part of myself. They are my super power. They give me the courage to do the work that I do.

As an example. Whenever I speak to some Black women who are leaders; they are often so proud of the investment they make in the development of those they lead. But find the process of holding them accountable, quite uncomfortable. This is again the product of socialisation of girls to be ‘nice’ especially to the opposite sex.

Integrating this part of yourself; the firm leader with clear boundaries. Who exercises discipline with the same energy that she demonstrates when she nurtures and develops those she leads. May turn out to be your superpower.

What is in your shadow, that if you were to integrate and embody would turn out to be your superpower?

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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