Do you have a brace space?

Do you have a brave space?

On reading the book ‘Inclusive conversations:Fostering Equity, Empathy and Belonging across differences’ by Mary Francis-Winters, I was introduced to the concept of not only creating psychologically safe spaces at work but to take it up a notch to by creating brave spaces. Where necessary difficult conversations can be had.

This made me reflect on my inner work practice environment. It is a safe space where I can be honest about my struggles, fears, limiting beliefs and my wildest dreams. But is it really a brave space? What would make it a brave space?

What would make it a brave space for me is if it is a space where I examine the toxic patterns I use to protect myself. Not only how these affect me but how these affect others who are in relationship with me. Both in my professional and personal relationships.

This is not a space I get to go to everyday because there is danger that I can turn it to self hate heaven. But it should be a space that I visit, that I create capacity for. Because it takes a lot of emotional capacity to reckon with my own shadow.

It should be a space build with compassion, grace and forgiveness. A place where I could take a break if I don’t feel I have enough capacity to engage any further. A place where my shadows are brought into the light.

Do you have your own brave space? What does it look like for you?

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