Will you ever be a culture fit?

Will you ever be a culture fit?

Patricia Collins in her book- Black Feminist Theory provides an interesting analogy of a white man who is a star of his own show and all other identities serving as props. Suddenly the props start talking, refusing to stay where he put them, having conversations with each other that sometimes don’t involve him.

As marginalised people and Black women being at the bottom end of the hierarchy of marginalisation, we are attempting to carve our place in a stage that was never created with us in mind as actors, but as props. As long as we are playing in those stages, we will never really be a culture fit.

I’ve been observing conversations and reading books that try to advise Black women on the right way to be in the workplace. I am realising more and more that these strategies can never guarantee a smooth ride in a place that was never designed for you. That no matter how ‘right’ you do things. You will still need to navigate, manoeuvre, endure, fight, and know when to bow out of some battles.

Until this current corporate system is overhauled and reconstructed to one that everyone can find a sense of belonging; Anyone who promises you a formula for a smooth ride is lying. You are most often entering a battle ground that you need to be prepared for, with the tools and support that are equal to the challenge.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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