Are you well aware of what you are dealing with?

Are you well aware of what you are dealing with?

The truth is that as Black women in workplaces we do not have the luxury of going to work to just work. We are most often not in workplaces where our work can just speak for itself. We are navigating an often complex obstacle course. We need to be aware of all these factors if we are going to not only succeed but preserve our sanity

We are navigating power, which is naturally a contested space regardless of who you are, we are navigating overlapping forms of oppression, the distorted images of how people see us, the ignorance and lack of self awareness of others that manifests as micro-aggressions that even though they are micro, they add up. While having to do a good job and advocate that we are well rewarded for it.

All the while carrying our own traumas, developmental areas, shadows, etc. It can feel like a lot because it is a lot. You are going to need some tools. You are going to have to learn to be at home with complexity, nuances, ambivalence – there is little space for absolutes.

You are going to need to develop strong boundaries and a sense of self-worth that isn’t determined by the validation of others Show some grace towards yourself. Exercise self care. Allow yourself to fail forward. Give yourself the permission to be supported.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

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