What does it take to bloom where I’m planted?

What does it take to bloom where I’m planted?

If you are ambitious to achieve the next level of leadership, income and impact, you have to be aware of the effect of those who are around you. Chimamanda in her book ‘we should all be feminists’ talks about how girls are taught to be ambitious but not too ambitious so they do not emasculate the men in their lives. An example of this is demonstrated in a conversation with Oprah, where Gail talks about how her husband wasn’t supportive of her success even though he was quite successful himself. A lot has also been said about frenemies, friends who are low key not supportive of your success.

We are told to bloom where we are planted and I am not disputing that. I agree that we are responsible to do all that we can to support the achievement of our aspirations in spite of our environment. However, we do have to admit though, that even the most resilient of plants do better in a supportive environment. It is therefore important for you to understand the environment that you are trying to bloom in so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Is this an environment that supports your thriving or one that calls for your resilience? The problem with opposition from those who purport to love us is that it is not easy to detect, we may be blind to it, while still negatively impacted by it. You need to ask yourself if the people that make up your environment, allow you to shine or do they require you to dim your light for their own comfort? What kind of environment are you required to bloom in?

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