An orchestra of wounds, Anyone?

An orchestra of wounds, Anyone?

Besides the well ventilated issues that come with your identity as a Black woman in the workplace is the fact that the workplace – just like any place where people congregate, is a gathering of wounded people who are in different stages of wounding and healing.

Some wounds are still fresh and they’re bleeding all over everyone who comes across them. Some look polished and healed but if you trigger the surface, the defensive behaviours show up. Some have healed and are able to show compassion, guidance and even healing through the wisdom gained from their scars.

An orchestra is assuming that there is harmony, more often than not there isn’t. People are not always singing from the same hymn book as they say.

You will frustrate yourself if you expect logic to reign in the workplace. If you expect everything to be about the job. Human beings are not logical creatures. Expect things to not make sense. Expect that there will be more varied motivations than just getting the job done and prepare yourself accordingly.

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