From a nobody to an everything?

Anyone for a pedestal?

I once worked for an organisation that had a CEO blog. We had a CEO who was quite popular at the time. An employee asked the CEO if she could name her child after him. He responded by saying that he doesn’t advise it because even though she is happy with him at the moment, she might hate him later and her son would be stuck with his name.

At the height of my people pleasing I used to be stressed when I realised that anyone liked me, especially a superior in the workplace. Even though I had made it my life’s purpose to make people like me.

What stressed me was realising that now that I was on someone’s pedestal. I had the burden of staying there. I couldn’t mess it up. As a result, I used to run away from potential mentors, I was just so scared I was going to mess it up.

I recently received a heated message from someone who was dethroning me off the pedestal she had put me in on. Fortunately for me, the person I had to become to do the work that I do, can’t be one who needs to be on people’s pedestals.

I also recognised that she had every right to remove me off a pedestal that she put me on. She didn’t even need to inform me, it’s her pedestal, she can crown and dethrone whoever she chooses to. My work is to be in alignment with who I need to be to be able to accomplish what I have set out to do.

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