Another qualification?

Another qualification?

I recently watched a video of a Black women who was talking about how Black women pack on qualifications out of boredom. A lot of Black women in that thread attested to that being their experience. I would also add that Black women add on qualifications when they are stuck and disillusioned with the lack of progress in their careers.

While there is nothing wrong with adding on another qualification; education is still an effective form of self improvement and arguably always increases the value that one brings to the marketplace. However we can use education as the only tool to solve all our career challenges and just like hard work, it doesn’t always work.

It doesn’t matter how many letters you might pack up behind your name, your are still going to earn less if you haven’t sorted your money story, you are not going to break through to top leadership if you are not career savvy and have not sorted out your stories about your worthiness, visibility and intentionality. By all means get the extra degree, but while you are doing that get therapy, get a coach, get a mentor, plug yourself into a community. Set yourself up for success.

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