Buy it off plan

Buy it off plan

A friend shared with me that he bought a property in the Cape Winelands off plan. Which means that he is buying a property that hasn’t been built yet. He was really excited since it has always been his dream to retire in that location. He essentially bought an intention before it became a reality.

The thing that keeps pulling crowds to these prosperity gospel preachers is their ability to sell a vision so well that their followers are willing to give anything to buy into it. These so called prophets have locked in to the power of a compelling vision. They use that which is the foundation of any successful human endeavour – faith in what hasn’t happened – to exploit people.

The truth is that you can’t break through to the next level of leadership, income and impact if you are not intentional about getting there. You have to see yourself become it, hold the vision steady in your mind, while doing the work to become it. Your unflinching focus in the face of disappointment, set back and failures is what will invite synchronicities that will magnify your effort and create results.

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