Are you starting on the right foot?

Are you starting on the right foot?

The argument for creating a personal brand for the health of your career has been well articulated. The truth is that we all have a ‘default’ brand which determines at the most how people view and treat us. Our default brand is often not defined intentionally based on our values and our envisaged outcomes but a product of how we habitually show up.

If you haven’t intentionally defined what your brand is. The best time to do that is in a new role. This is when you almost have a clean slate to design how you want to show up. You have an opportunity to work through the kinks in your character that are not in alignment with who you want the brand to be, before they define your brand in this new role.

The second best time is now. You can become now who you’ve always wanted to be. Your changing is going to raise a few eyebrows, you are going to make a few people uncomfortable. Those who were used to benefit from who you used to be.

You are going to slack and revert to old ways. Hence the need to get yourself the right support, so you can create the consistency that will make your intentional brand a habit which – as wise people say, creates your character – your brand.

Are you a Black Woman in the Workplace who feels called to the next level of leadership, income and impact?

My name is Busisiwe Hlatswayo and I coach Black women to position themselves for leadership, navigate race and gender bias and be effective leaders in the workplace and the market place

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