We should all be Culturally Competent

We should all be culturally competent

I’m currently reading the book: Subtle Acts of Exclusion by Tiffany Jana and Michael Baran . The book introduced to me the term Cultural Competency/Fluency. Which basically refers to the ability to effectively interact with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Cultural competency is to a global diverse workplace that we have all become part of, what the introduction or awareness of emotional intelligence did to workplace interactions and competence, which up until then were arguably solely based on the level of intelligence and expertise.

We all, regardless of the nature of our identities (marginalised or not) need to develop our cultural competence. Because we each sit at different places in the privilege and power continuum; and as a result have the ability to cause harm. Especially to those who are more marginalised than we are. I cringe when I reflect on the micro aggressions I have unintentionally perpetrated on others in the past, even as a person who has a marginalised identity.


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