Are you the office mom?

Are you the office mom?

There are things that come naturally and that feel good but may not be the best for our careers. One of those can be allowing ourselves to be typecasted as the office mom. The one to whom people line up to come and discuss their problems with and who makes it all better just like the stereotypical mom is supposed to.

The challenge with being this person is that it is a behaviour that can be categorised as office housework. Which is labour that is often done by women; such as taking notes in meetings, organising birthdays, representing your department in committees that are considered a necessary nuisance. Just like in the home, this work is typically not valued as important and it is often done by women.

Part of creating an intentional brand in the workplace is about aligning who you are with how you need to be to achieve your objectives. In this case who you naturally are might be a good listener and counsellor but if it’s not in alignment with the requirements of your career objectives.

You might just want to reflect on whether you want to continue showing up in that way or how you can make it useful for the achievement of your career goals


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