A little bit of empathy for the leaders

A little bit of empathy for the leaders

One of the reasons we subconsciously hold ourselves back from advancing into top leadership positions in the workplace is the sometimes ridiculously high standard we place on those in leadership. No one is disputing leadership should be held to a high standard, to whom much is given much is required.

However, we can assume too much of those in leadership. Some of that is based on the assumption that everyone who is in leadership got there based on merit. That there is a high criteria at the door of leadership and only those who tick all the boxes are allowed to go in.

The truth is that not everyone who is in leadership meets the standard – that is if we can all agree in the first place to what that standard should be. Leaders like everyone else posses both strengths and weaknesses and even the best of leaders make mistakes.

Not allowing your leaders to be flawed may keep you from wanting to advance to leadership. No one wants to be setup for failure and riculously high standards do just that. A little bit of empathy for the humanity of your leaders can’t hurt.


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