Are you marking those milestones?

Are you marking those milestones?

One of humanity’s greatest strength is adaptability. We all are potentially able to adapt to any set of circumstances or environment. This can be both good and not so good. You want to be able to adapt to difficult circumstances that life once in a while allots even the most privileged of us. You also don’t want to adapt to and build a permanent home in that environment.

Another way that this adaptability trait can be disadvantageous is when we have so adapted to what was once a great accomplishment to the extent that we not only minimise it but destroy its value in our eyes. We risk loosing the confidence that comes from knowing that we can accomplish hard things.

I see this with some of my coaching clients, who because they are not where they want to be sometimes fail to appreciate their current level of success. Fail to appreciate that they are now doing with ease what used to seem impossible before. They fail to reap the confidence that comes from knowing what they are capable of, from their accomplishments.

Are you marking your milestones? Do you periodically look back and see how far you’ve come? I do this by browsing through my old journals. On days when I feel discouraged, they help me mark my milestones. How do you mark your milestones?


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