An online self-paced program to help Black Women examine ways they have given their power away and gain the courage to go for the jobs they really want.

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  • tired of dragging yourself to that Soul-Crushing job because….. ‘at least you have a job”?
  • questioning whether you are overthinking how bad your job is instead of beingrateful you have one?
  • feeling like the cost of settling for job security while your soul is yearning for job fulfillment is becoming too exorbitant?
  • undervalued and underpaid but don’t feel ready to rock the boat?
  • tired of having the fancy title but no authority


  • Step up your career game and go for a position that really fulfils you
  • Get paid according to the true value of your contribution to your company?
  • Work for a company whose culture aligns with your values?
  • Look forward to Mondays and finally be able to say, “I love my job and actually mean it’
  • Get out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there for that coveted job/promotion.

Even if you are too scared to make a move, feel guilty for not being grateful to have a job, or secretly feel that you don’t deserve to have a job that you really want or that this is not possible for you.


Where I will give you tools to change how you see and show up as yourself to get the confidence and clarity to finally go for the job/work that you really want.


Session 1:What it means to be a Black Woman in a Dominantly white and male and environment

Session 2: How your intersectional identity and conditioning affects how your show up in the workplace

Session 3: How childhood trauma affects how you show up in the workplace

Session 4: Strategies for Self Reclamation for the Black Women

Session : Career Strategy for the Reimagined Black Woman in the Workplace


Day 1: Why are you so afraid being a Black Woman in White and Male Spaces

Day 2: Who have you given your power to? The complex relationship you have with your support structures

Day 3: What’s eating you? The Impact of Childhood Trauma on the Black Woman in the Workplace

Day 4: Taking back your power; Reclaiming yourself Sovereignty and Centering yourself in your life

Day 5: What do you really want? The Reimagined Black Woman in the Workplace, and Intentional Career Strategy.



The challenge was only for a week but I’ve learned and shifted so much. One of my best highlights was the linking of childhood trauma and how it shows up in professional spaces. Most of what I experienced in my professional life has a link to my childhood traumas. My other best highlight was the lesson on being authentic. To be honest I cried during this lesson because being authentic has landed me in trouble so many times, to this day I still suffer the consequences thereof. Be that as it may, this lesson has helped me embrace and love authenticity. I got to journal and unpack it, now I recognise the value and currency in my being my authentic self.

Laura. D

The 5 Day Leave Your Soul Crushing Job workshop was very valuable to me. Busisiwe skillfully and compassionately held space for some very difficult blocks that surfaced for me and other participants and she provided excellent strategies for empowerment. During the 5-day workshop I had two interviews with 4 people from one organization, which went very well. I truly believe that the workshop reminded me of my power, value and qualifications, which in turn greatly assisted me in having productive interviews. Also during the 5-day workshop I was invited to interview with another organization. I highly recommend this workshop; it was inspirational, informative and insightful

Sarona M.

I enjoyed the format Busi used to discuss some hard truths in a safe environment. The frequent pauses, check-ins, homework allowed me to be kind to myself whilst facing a version of me that’s a work in progress. The laughs, the realisations, the new commitments were all welcomed without judgment. Thank you for holding such a space, it’s one I need in order to excavate my best self.

Tumi M

Hi Busi. How are you? Just wanted to let you know that since we spoke, I’ve made a few products and orders were pouring in. I now have to go back to restock on supplies this weekend. The website is underway as well. So all my services will soon be available on one site. I’ve got an app at the bank tomorrow as well to open a separate account which will be solely for the business. Thanks again for your help. You provided that last push and I’ll always be grateful

Xolile K

I must say you are the best. Your coaching is totally different and brings out the best in us. I truly enjoyed every moment. I am keeping all this information for my next job.

Basetsana M

The 5-day program was an affirmation that I’m on the right track. My big aha moment was realizing that my biggest obstacle is my self-doubt, which I’m working on using affirmations amongst other things.

Thank you, Busi for being patient and compassionate with guiding me through my insecurities. The tools you provided during the program are helpful with changing the way I approach “challenging” situations. I also realized that I need to stop being hard on myself. That I got this!

I’m looking forward to more programs. Crossing my fingers for a weekend boot camp type of program

My name is Busisiwe Hlatswayo, I am a Career Coach, an Award-Winning DEI Leader, an International Speaker, a Governance Risk, and Compliance Specialist and an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Educator. I hold a Transformational and NLP Coaching Certificate, an MBA Degree (Henley Business School (SA) and University of Reading (UK) (The focus of my dissertation was on factors that influence the retention of scarce skilled employees), An Advanced Diploma in Risk Management (UNISA) and a BCom Accounting Sciences from the University of Pretoria.

I have been in this Coaching business for almost a decade. My superpower is the ability to move people from where they are to a boss version of themselves through Coaching.

I was raised in a township called Mamelodi in Pretoria, South Africa. I was born in a house where 4 generations of about 15 people, were packed in a 4 room house and a couple of shacks at the back. My mom and sisters later moved to what is now called an informal settlement, (the ghetto is probably the more appropriate term) in a two-roomed shack with my step-father. A true product of my environment, I was pregnant at 15. I couldn’t believe it. Girls who get pregnant at 15 end up barefoot in a shack with 3 kids. I was determined that, that was not going to be my story. I pushed through, went to varsity and completed my studies.

When I got to the workplace, I quickly realised that I did not have the pedigree that would allow me success in this space. I had always been top of most of my classes but in this environment, I felt dumb and deeply ashamed. I felt like a deer in headlights, I didn’t belong, I didn’t understand the rules of winning in this space.

After months of depression, I set an intention to double my income in 90 days by learning career strategies and getting a coach. I started picking up a trail of clues that success leaves for those who seek them. Within 3 months, I was in a new job, earning double that, within a year I was promoted to an even better position. Every 3 years after that I have had a promotion, because I have set that as a standard for my career. As a Career Coach, I have helped a number of women like myself do the same.

Today I am an MBA Graduate, a businesswoman, a Career Coach, I headed a school of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at a private university where the enrolment rate and retention rate increased significantly under my leadership. I supervise MBAs in one of the top Universities in South Africa and I manage and facilitate leadership programs on behalf of my clients. My career goals have changed from climbing up the Corporate Ladder to Self-sovereignty as a Black woman. I know understand that self-definition, self- validation, self-sovereignty, joy and rest are political acts for Black Women. I started Black Women in the Workplace for Black Township or rural girls like me, who have had to find their way to the top because there was no one to help them up. My vision is to see the representation of Black women in top leadership positions reflect the demographics of the country.