According to the ‘Lean In (2019) Report and the South African Commission for Employment Report Black Women, in particular, are the least represented in positions of leadership in the workplace. Besides the bias, and the intersection of gender and race discrimination, black women have been conditioned to be ‘good girls’ who play small and eat last at the office. Black women in the place is about helping black women position themselves for leadership in the workplace and helping companies transform their corporate culture to cultivate diversity and create a pipeline of black women leaders in the workplace.

Our Vision

To exponentially increase the representation of black women in positions of leadership in the workplace

Our Mission

To help black women and position themselves for Corporate Leadership positions and to facilitate the creation of corporate culture where diversity thrives through Coaching, Training and Consulting

Our Values


Self worth

Personal development


Lifelong Learning

“I am passionate about Black Women, not only are they beautiful, giving, and nurturing, they are also brilliant, hardworking and are responsible for the success of many of the companies that they work for”

Busisiwe Hlatswayo


I am the Founder of Black women in the workplace, an organisation whose aim is to exponentially increase the representation of black women in Corporate Leadership positions. I am a Career and Executive Coach, a Governance Risk and Compliance Specialist and BCom in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship HOD. I hold a Transformational and NLP Coaching Certificate, an MBA Degree (Henley Business School (SA) and University of Reading (UK)(The focus of my dissertation was on factors that influence the retention of scarce skilled employees), An Advanced Diploma in Risk Management (UNISA) and a BCom Accounting Sciences from the University of Pretoria . I have over 15 years career experience in various organisation in both the private and public sector, and academia. I am boss at Strategic, Operational Risk Management and lately Academic Program Management. My super power is the ability to move people from where they are to a boss version of themselves through coaching, inspirational speaking and training. I am passionate about increasing the representation of Black women in Leadership positions and creating workplaces cultures that allow diversity to thrive.

Busisiwe Hlatswayo


I’ve always been a fixer, ever since I was a little girl. I love sorting out people’s lives, well and mine too… after I saw how I was able to turn my career around I was determined to train as a coach and help black women not only enjoy exciting, intellectually fulfilling careers but be paid well for them. Black Women have a right to be happy, make money and slay the workplace.

As a black women in corporate myself I have experienced the impact of bias and the resultant discrimination against black women not only because they are black but also because they are women. For a long time I had internalized the inferiority and believed that I was not good enough and not worthy of the kinds of jobs I really wanted. Until I learned that it was up to me, no one was coming to rescue me.

For the first couple of years of my career, I was this wide eyed, naive, ‘good’ little girl. I was an average performer and was starting to get miserable about my mediocre career until reading a book (don’t ask me what the title was) that had a chapter on how to increase your income in 90 days at the workplace. I implemented the practices and was in a new job in exactly 90 days earning double what my current salary was. I woke up to what it takes to get ahead and have since enjoyed a successful career. I was then hooked and became a student of success, I have read loads of books on career and business success, attended seminars, bought programs, used coaches, and trained as a coach myself. I am grateful to my coaches, mentors, and the books I have read that have helped me grow from strength and birthed in me to help others just like me.