The cave you fear to enter….

It is safe to be ambitious The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek – Joseph Campbell. When women decide to follow their ambition of expanding to the next level of leadership, impact and income. They have to go against what is, to this day, the collective idea of where a womanContinue reading “The cave you fear to enter….”

It is safe to let others make up their own minds about you

It is safe to allow others to make up their own minds about you One of the challenges that comes with being a first, which is usually the experience of Black women leaders is the feeling that the spotlight is on you. That your every move is being scrutinised, that people are holding their breathContinue reading “It is safe to let others make up their own minds about you”

It is safe to be in your power

It is safe to be in your power I recently had an opportunity to be a facilitator in a corporate event. I showed up strong, I’m in my confident, inspirational and charming self. I can feel the response from the participants, we are jelling, it’s all good. Then it hit me, ‘Busi you are beingContinue reading “It is safe to be in your power”

Replenish your toolbox

Replenish your toolbox It is natural and desirable for us as to learn from experiences, especially difficult and painful ones. However there is a danger of applying these lessons arbitrarily. You might have heard of the saying that goes something like; ‘when your only tool is a hammer every problem becomes a nail’. There’s aContinue reading “Replenish your toolbox”

This is how I experience you

This is how I experience you. I don’t see colour! This is a phrase that is often used as a defensive mechanism when accused of racism. Of course race is a construct but we are all socialised in a racialised society. White people have been socialised to see black people as inferior, Black people haveContinue reading “This is how I experience you”

Driving will always be more efficient than running

I was chatting to a friend recently about coaching and he, like many people thought that getting coached is a form of lack of confidence in their personal power. I tried to explain that coaches unlike mentors are not advisors or subject matter experts who will show you how things are done. A good coachContinue reading “Driving will always be more efficient than running”

How can I see this differently?

How can I see this differently? A friend just got an amazing promotion, and just a couple of years ago we were congratulating her on another major promotion. On hearing this news, I thought to myself, that this was the most logical thing in the world besides the fact that she is amazing (she reallyContinue reading “How can I see this differently?”