Who benefits from this perspective?

Who benefits from this perspective? It is often said that money and sex are the two topics people most avoid talking about. I would like to add race as the third one. I am fascinated at how people avoid talking about race. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the sentence ‘not every thingContinue reading “Who benefits from this perspective?”

The danger with the myth of meritocracy

The danger of the myth of meritocracy Meritocracy is the belief that, in a given system, success is an indicator of personal deservingness is a myth that we all would love to believe is the reality. It gives us comfort that if we meet the criteria then we are guaranteed success. On the other handContinue reading “The danger with the myth of meritocracy”

Unpaid people making work?

The kind of work that’s valued In the book Feminism for the 99% the author: Cinzia Arruzza talks about how ‘people making work’ has been assigned to women and not assigned an economic value. People making work would be pregnancy, childcare, housework, emotional caregiving, etc. The value of this work is made clear now thatContinue reading “Unpaid people making work?”

Allyship or benevolent sexism?

Allyship or Benevolent sexism? I didn’t have a language for the reason why some men who claim to support women made me uncomfortable. The men who refer to women or their wives queens, better half, the boss who say the right things but their actions and mannerisms give off sexism vibes until I came acrossContinue reading “Allyship or benevolent sexism?”

Working with people you don’t like?

Working with people you don’t like? What do you do when you have to work with someone you don’t like? What do you do when you have a fundamental disagreement with someone you have to work closely with like your boss?How are you be able to work with them without totally disengaging? One of myContinue reading “Working with people you don’t like?”

Are you marking those milestones?

Are you marking those milestones? One of humanity’s greatest strength is adaptability. We all are potentially able to adapt to any set of circumstances or environment. This can be both good and not so good. You want to be able to adapt to difficult circumstances that life once in a while allots even the mostContinue reading “Are you marking those milestones?”