Allow me to re-introduce myself

Allow me to reintroduce myself

My name is Busisiwe Hlatswayo. I am a Black Women in Leadership Coach and Founder of Black Women in the Workplace

I help Black Women reach the next level of impact, income and create enduring legacies by tapping into the wisdom of their intuition and the power of their intentions; embodying the authentic leader within.

I help companies meet their transformation and employment equity targets by helping them attract, retain and create a pipeline of Black Women in Leadership, through creating psychological safe workplaces where Black Women and diverse talent thrives.

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Bet on a Black Woman

Bet on Black woman, Centre Black Women. Industry leaders do the right thing, be in the right side of history. Black women can self improve until they are blue in the face and not much will change until we Co-create the change we want to see.

Stop just promoting other less marginalised identities so you can avoid promoting Black Women.

Remove the glass ceiling at senior, middle and junior management. Give them those executive and board positions. Put them in those positions that drive strategy and not just in Marketing and HR. When you put them there support them, you do that all the time with the leaders you promote . Put them in environments that will allow them to succeed instead of adopting a ‘wait and see’ if they will succeed approach.

Black women are capable. We are descendants of women who kept this country together when the men were in the mines, in prisons and in exile. We are still holding this country, these communities together. Over 60% of households in SA are single parent households led by women, we all know who those women are.

Stop treating capable women like Phuthi Mahanyele-Dabengwa, Yolanda Cuba, Mmamokgethi Phakeng and the few Black Women that you keep recycling in your Boards as Unicorns, a special brand of capable accidents. Rather treat them as symbolic of what a Black Woman in a position of power can achieve.

Stop telling Black Women who have proven themselves in lower positions of leadership that they are not ready. Stop telling them they are not experienced enough when you have done nothing to give them those opportunities. Stop asking her to wait when she has proven herself over and over again. Must she only get to be a top leader when she is about to retire?

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I’m Sorry

I am sorry

Please forgive me, I forgive you, thank you I love you.

To all the things that trigger

To all the obstacles that stand in the way

To all the hurt that has been inflicted on you

To all the unfairness, unfortunate and ungratefulness with which you feel you have been treated.

To the guilt, shame and regret of your actions, thoughts and intentions

I am sorry, please forgive me, I forgive you, thank you, I love you

Sometimes we seek to resolve wounds that are at soul level, that transcends our understanding through ideas, logic and words. Sometimes understanding is not possible even if it is possible it won’t heal you. You wound is deeper. When words fail you, when unpacking, reflection and understanding fail you. Say these words to whatever it is, whoever it is and most importantly to yourself.

We thank the wise who came before us and shared their wisdom with us, for our healing, our evolution and our expansion.

Protect the Black Women Leaders you promote

Protect the Black Women leaders you promote

Stop tokenising them and give them proper positions with the requisite power, territory and resources

Stop sending them as wolves to the slaughter by promoting them to organisational cultures that are not ready to support Black Leaders

Stop letting her be the only Black Women Leaders so she has to face the burden, loneliness and scrutiny of being the only

Stop piling her with office house work so she is burned out with proving to you that she is capable

Stop punishing her for not acting like men and punish her when she does.

Stop gaslighting her, believe her so that she doesn’t have to scream so loud she sounds like a crazy women so you can have a reason to not listen to her.

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What kind of a follower are you?

What kind of Follower are you?

The focus is often on leaders and their behaviour and correctly so because to whom much is given much is required. However, Leaders do not achieve anything in the void, they co-create with their followers. The legacy a leader leaves, whether good or bad, they Co-create it with you.

The question is what kind of a follower are you? Specifically if you follow a Black Women Leader, regardless of your identity. Do you follow her with integrity, do you give her the support and authority you would any other leader?

Most of you have been raised by Black Matriarchs. Who led you all your life with integrity and love. Suddenly,when you get to the Workplace you can’t be led by a Black Woman? Really?

Are you treating your Black Women leader as you would like your daughter or sister to be treated if she was in the same position? Are you setting an example that you would be happy for your children to follow? I sadly have to appeal to your relations and not your humanity, since we often forget to be human when we get to the workplace.

Let’s do better

Black Women Leaders in the Workplace deserve better

Black Women deserve workplaces they do not have to heal from. Where they do not have to be ‘Imbokodos’ aka Strong Black Women. Black Women Leaders are not victims they are just as capable and emotionally resilient, they are not asking for a bed of roses.

However, Companies who seek to attract and retain Black Woman Leaders have a responsibility to do all they can to create psychologically safe spaces for Black Women Leaders. Black Women Leaders are doing their work in sustaining their emotional resilience, the time has come for organisation to do their share of the work by confronting their oppressive cultures.

At Black Women in the Workplace we centre Black Women Leaders for the reasons explained in this article. That Black Women do not only have to navigate racism from both White men AND women. They also face sexism from Black men and in certain instances anti-blackness from Women of Colour. We have to name these issues at the expense of pushing away allies who are not are fair weather allies. If you are truly for diversity, equity and inclusion, then go all the way
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Stay on Mission! Refuse to be Distracted

Stay on Mission! Refuse to be distracted!

I used to be a Church Girl, I am not anymore. I have found on reflection, religion to be deeply empowering and equally disempowering, especially to the Black Woman.

There is one book in the Bible that is truly empowering on the concept of staying firmly on purpose and refusing to be distracted; the book of Nehemiah. Should you chose to read it, remove the religious baggage and just read it as an account from someone who is sharing how they did IT.

When you set out on a mission, distractors and distractions will come from all fronts. The most potent of all will be your internal distractor. Some distractors will mean well, they will offer to help, to support to advise, some will seek to scare, intimidate, belittle, some will amuse, entertain and invite you to relax.

Take a cue from Nehemiah, he had one response ‘I will not come down, I am rebuilding the wall’. Refuse to be distracted #operationasjiki

Racism is a destraction

Refuse to be distracted

While the racism is racisting, let’s remember that it is a distraction. A powerful distraction, a harmful distraction, a deeply wounding distraction. A distraction all the same

A race bent on parisitically living off our blood. Deriving their worth from our worthlessness, their superiority from our inferiority, their nurturing from our deprivation, their entertainment from our art, their profits from our labour, their joy from our from our blood sweat and tears. Racist, who are you without me?

We must refuse to be distracted. We must be about the work. The work of self restoration, self reclamation, self sovereignty. We must be about excavating black joy. We must be about resting on behalf of our ancestors who couldn’t for generations. We must be about the work of loving our children, out-loving a world that hates and degrades them. We must be about our business, refuse to be distracted

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According to LeanIn State of the Black Women in the Workplace Report, Black Women have the worst experience in the Workplace than any other demographic. The picture is not too different in the South African Workplaces, evidenced by the scant representation of Black Women in leadership positions in South African Corporates. One of the main reasons for this state of affairs is the impact of Bias on the experience of marginalized identities in the Workplace.

I am inviting you to a Webinar on Bias in the Workplace and How to Navigate it.



We all have a duty to unlearn in order to heal ourselves, relate better with one another and to create the change that will enable the next generations to inherit a better world than we had found it. Just as those who have come before us have done.

Living in a WhiteSupremacistCapitalistPatriarchy as BellHooks has aptly termed it. Has created a world in which these systems of power have over ridden our humanity and has rendered us harmful to one another.

These systems has taught us that it is the nature of things to dominate and be dominated. That there are those who are entitled to privilege and superiority and naming and questioning that is reverse racism.

That others are impostors to equality, leadership and abundance, such that they live their lives jumpy, in case they lose it all and go back to their ‘default’ . That we police one another to ensure that each stays in their place.

We have a responsibility to unlearn, to heal, to relate, to reclaim our humanity.