Free Webinar Invite

According to LeanIn State of the Black Women in the Workplace Report, Black Women have the worst experience in the Workplace than any other demographic. The picture is not too different in the South African Workplaces, evidenced by the scant representation of Black Women in leadership positions in South African Corporates. One of the mainContinue reading “Free Webinar Invite”

Observing our rejection of Ourselves

I am not sure if people come into our lives to teach us something about ourselves. I am weary of believing that’s the absolute truth because it may take away accountability from people for their bad behaviour. Absolving them of their faults because ‘every thing happens for a reason’. I think this one of theContinue reading “Observing our rejection of Ourselves”

Close the curtain, get off the stage, and be about the business of doing you.

At some stage you need to divest yourself from needing to prove anything to anyone. You need to step away from showing anyone that you are not whatever or that you are whatever. You need to stop performing and start living your life, stepping into your greatness, fulfilling your life’s calling. You need to setContinue reading “Close the curtain, get off the stage, and be about the business of doing you.”

Believe in the power of your own ideas

Believe in the power of your own ideas. I was reading one Peggy Macintosh’s essays where she made the above statement, that young people should believe in the power of their own ideas. Not only should they believe in them. They should pursue them, expand them, look for clues that success always leave behind. SpendContinue reading “Believe in the power of your own ideas”

Freedom from the fear of disapproval

Freedom from the fear of disapproval by others.Part of my own healing, growth and Self-reclamation as a Recovering People Pleaser is to be comfortable with being disapproved of by others. Not only the disapproval of others but the acceptance of my own character flaws. I have walked around all my life with a dominant storyContinue reading “Freedom from the fear of disapproval”