Can You Afford to Be Your Authentic Self at Work? 5 Strategies for Black Women.

Even though we seem to be seeing more and more images of Black Women appointed in senior leadership positions in the workplace, the default image of a competent business leader is still a White Male. Anyone who does not fit into that description experiences bias, i.e. they might be pre-judged as incompetent for leadership positionsContinue reading “Can You Afford to Be Your Authentic Self at Work? 5 Strategies for Black Women.”

Are you a people pleaser? 5 reasons why you are not getting promoted

Everyone likes you. You’re that nice girl at Accounts or is it HR? Always smiling, always ready to lend an ear or a hand. You always go the extra mile, you are the go-to girl when there’s an emergency, you dress for the job you want as ‘they’ said you should……. Why is the promotion not coming? Why are you so anxious, tired and overwhelmed but don’t have the job title and salary to match?

To The Little Girl, I Once Was

Thank you for your dreams; they shape my reality. Thank you for not allowing the smallness of your beginnings to determine the reach of your imagination. To the Little girl, I once wasMany times life seeks to tell me who I amWho I should be, based on where I came fromIt tells me that whereContinue reading “To The Little Girl, I Once Was”

5 Ways Black Women Give Their Power Away In The Workplace

In our quest as Black women to level up in the workplace, we need to ensure that we are not sabotaging our success by marking the following mistakes. Working Too Hard Working hard is still the surest way to success. However, overworking yourself may not give you the results that you think it will. AsContinue reading “5 Ways Black Women Give Their Power Away In The Workplace”

Take Advantage Of The First 90 Days Of Your New Job – Apply These 5 Tips

Congratulations on getting your job. Having gone through all the hoops of application, interview, contract negotiation, you have landed yourself right here. A new job is an opportunity to redefine your brand, especially in a new workplace. You can define who you want to be and be that person in a new place without theContinue reading “Take Advantage Of The First 90 Days Of Your New Job – Apply These 5 Tips”

5 Reasons Why You May Not Be Getting Promoted at Work.

I am making two assumptions in this post. The first one is that you want a promotion. There are sometimes legitimate reasons people may not want to get promoted right now. You might have decided that it is not the focus for you right now. You like your current job that you are in andContinue reading “5 Reasons Why You May Not Be Getting Promoted at Work.”

The Unspoken Reality of Father’s Day

Fathers Day #Triggerwarning My parents separated when I was around 5 or 6 years old. Before then, my father adored me. He created a photo album of all my baby photos and made a bracelet with my middle name on it. I don’t remember returning his affection though. I remember the sloppy kisses that smelledContinue reading “The Unspoken Reality of Father’s Day”

THE INDIGNITY OF POVERTY – is your inner child okay?

One of the results of centuries of the racial oppression of black people is inherited poverty. Poverty is not only a physical condition, it seeps into one’s psyche and often defines one’s self-worth. Not having the right shoe and clothes because your family can’t afford them, defines the friendships that you can have, which definitelyContinue reading “THE INDIGNITY OF POVERTY – is your inner child okay?”

Unsuccessful Interview? Get Over It, It’s Not Personal.

It comes with the territory that if one is invited to a job interview, rejection is always a possibility and rejection is not a pleasant emotion to encounter. That said, it doesn’t have to be a crushing experience. I am reminded of my experiences with unsuccessful interviews. There was one in particular that I feltContinue reading “Unsuccessful Interview? Get Over It, It’s Not Personal.”