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Are you a progressive corporate organization keen on empowering employees to thrive in their careers? Congratulation!

Empowering Leaders Who Excel!

You are in the right place, as Black Women In The Workplace understand the pivotal role that well-trained, confident, and inspired individuals play in propelling an organization towards excellence and offer a wide range of training programs that include,

Our comprehensive training programs are meticulously crafted to foster personal and professional growth among aspiring female leaders. With a laser focus on advancing Black women into top leadership positions, our training are not just programs; but a transformative


Why Choose Our Training Programs?

For Companies Seeking Excellence:

In the competitive corporate landscape, investing in your employees’ development is important. Our non-accredited training modules are designed to elevate your team’s capabilities, fostering a culture of innovation and leadership within your organization. We cater to forward-thinking companies, offering tailored training solutions and BBBEE partnerships.

Women in Leadership Development Program and Forum

A business model that neglects to embrace female catalysts of change in the workplace is, in effect, excluding more than half of the population, not only in South Africa but across the entire African continent.

Join us on a transformative journey through our comprehensive women’s leadership training program, fortified by the establishment of a Women’s Forum within the workplace. These Women’s Forums are dedicated to empowering women in the professional sphere, inspiring them to confront new opportunities and challenges with unwavering confidence. Through the cultivation of a culture steeped in creativity and innovation, these forums aspire to foster dialogue, ignite debates, and stimulate forward-thinking discussions, all aimed at dismantling gender-based barriers faced by aspiring female leaders throughout Africa.

These forums serve as a dynamic arena where core values of honor, strength, diversity, and respect are deeply ingrained. By providing a platform for women to voice their concerns and ensuring that these voices are heard, the Women’s Forum encourages members to contribute their ideas and innovative designs, geared towards advancing both communities and corporations alike. Furthermore, it fosters constructive conversations that address challenges head-on and propose viable solutions to the obstacles that women encounter in the workplace and within communities.

The Women’s Forum sets forth achievable objectives that pave the way for extraordinary outcomes. The programs offered by the Women’s Forum aim to empower women in the workplace by:

New Manager/Supervisor Program

Equip your emerging leaders with our New Manager/Supervisor Program. Our experts have tailored this program for individuals transitioning into managerial roles to help them develop essential leadership skills, effective team management, and strategic decision-making. Participants gain confidence in guiding teams, resolving challenges, and fostering a positive workplace culture, ensuring a seamless transition into their new roles.

Graduate/Job Readiness Programs

Prepare graduates and job seekers for the professional world with our comprehensive Graduate/Job Readiness Programs. Our program bridges the gap between academia and the workplace as it offers practical skills, interview preparation, resume building, and workplace etiquette. After completing our program, participants become job-ready and equipped with the confidence and knowledge to excel in interviews and thrive in their chosen careers.

Career Development Programs

Empower your workforce to reach new heights with our Career Development Programs. Our program offers targeted skill development, personalized career planning, and mentorship opportunities to help individuals at various career stages refine their expertise, explore growth avenues, and develop a strategic approach to their careers, ensuring continuous advancement and fulfilment.

Professional/Workplace Skills Programs

Elevate your employees’ professional prowess with our Professional/Workplace Skills Programs. Our program focuses on crucial soft skills such as communication, time management, teamwork, and adaptability, as it enhances workplace efficiency and collaboration. Participants develop a strong professional foundation, enabling them to navigate challenges, foster positive relationships, and contribute significantly to the organization’s success

Should you require a specific program to be developed for your group of attendees or employees please contact our offices to discuss how we can help you.