It’s time to drop the struggle

When you have been disappointed enough times you learn to live in a perpetual state of expectation of the same. You learn to armour yourself with the expectation of more of the same so you can buffer yourself against the pain of another.

When all you have known is the hustle. When your mantra has always been ‘I work really hard for all that I achieve, nothing has ever been handed to me’, ‘I can’t rely on anyone else’. What you are doing is anchoring the struggle in your life. It is time to drop the struggle.

You will see it with the way you engage with pleasure, abundance or more. You don’t relax into it and be present with it. You rush to the climax so you can go back to reality. You can’t sleep till you spend all that money because you don’t know when next you are going to have it. You can’t stop until everything is finished on your plate, until your stomach is about to burst.

It’s time to drop the struggle. It’s not going to be easy, all your protectors are going to
be up in arms. Anxiety might be the order of the day, you might find yourself self sabotaging and manifesting emergencies. Stay on course, change is here and it is worth it. It is time to drop the struggle.

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