Permission to be Visionary

Permission to be visionary.

In the book: ‘The influence effect’ the authors found in their research that women often find it challenging to have a big vision and felt more comfortable implementing someone’s vision, rather than selling their own. One of the reasons for this, they found; was that women said they struggled to see themselves as big.

This was uncomfortable to hear but also made sense when considering the barriers that women face in the workplace and the socialisation or orientation of women from birth to seek to live a life of service to others.I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the analogy that women are incubators of seeds that are sown by men.

When we were having this conversation with a coaching client and she indicated that she struggled to prioritise and take her life that seriously. I advised that she views her life as sacred. And herself as a steward, who has been entrusted to make the best of her life.

Maybe this is the reframing that can work for you if you are struggling to think of yourself as big, to think big, to have a vision that can inspire others to rally behind. Maybe you need to be reminded of the sanctity of your life. The sacredness of the purpose for which you were born.


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