Don’t mistake the Vessel for The Source

Never mistake the Vessel for the Source One of the reasons why we get stuck in toxic relationships, religions, jobs and dying businesses is that we mistake the Vessel for the Source The illusion of separatedness from Source makes us mistake the Vessels through which Source brings our provision or abundance to us as THEContinue reading “Don’t mistake the Vessel for The Source”

5 Reasons Why You May Not Be Getting Promoted at Work.

I am making two assumptions in this post. The first one is that you want a promotion. There are sometimes legitimate reasons people may not want to get promoted right now. You might have decided that it is not the focus for you right now. You like your current job that you are in andContinue reading “5 Reasons Why You May Not Be Getting Promoted at Work.”

Gender and race bias and black women in the workplace.

Unconscious Bias is a natural part of being human. If we had to think everything through, everything would take so much time and we would probably not get anything done. So the mind stores patterns or categories for us to match things we see so we can quickly come to conclusions and make decisions. AlthoughContinue reading “Gender and race bias and black women in the workplace.”

Survivor’s guilt and the fear of success

Most of the successful black women are the first in their home. The first to graduate university, the first to work in corporate, the first to own a car, the first and sometimes the only. Even though this can lead to a sense of accomplishment. The fulfilment of a vow that every black child whoContinue reading “Survivor’s guilt and the fear of success”